Research Writing & Editing Services

Advanced Final-Copy Writing & Editing

Our Advanced Final-Copy Writing & Editing Services stands out from other copywriters and editors thanks to our qualitative research and evaluation expertise. We help clients organize research and evaluation material for proper format, language, grammar, and style. We reconstruct sentences to fix spelling, punctuation, and word usage errors. We research and review all citations, references, and bibliographies for accuracy. We suggest content improvements and/or possible rewrites to ensure the best quality of writing prior to public distribution.


Our Proofreading Services include careful examination of a document before publication. We check for correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, names, places, links, and references. We inspect the headings, fonts, and styles for consistency. We provide honest feedback to ensure the final proof adheres to client specifications.

Basic Editing

Our Basic Editing Services provide excellent value by checking for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical mistakes. We review sentence structure, word usage, and basic formatting. We verify that your writing supports your overall message and purpose.